Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pull and push

I stacked up books and binders in my arms to move them from my old office to my new one. I managed to stack them up as high as my head, and then I pushed the door with my body and walked to the new office. I tried to push the door with my body, but I realized that the door needed to be pulled open. I was struggling to hold on to the books with my chin and try to reach the doorknob with my hand. I thought I was going to drop everything. At that moment a passerby who saw me pulled the door for me; a small but kind act made a difference for me.

If we open our eyes and look around, we can see people in our church family who are carrying armfuls of heavy burdens. They are struggling. Their hands are tied. They need someone to pull that door for them to walk into a new room. Some have lost homes, some have lost jobs, and some have lost health. Just like the stranger who pulled that door open for me, I can be that someone who pulls the door open for others. A small, kind act can make a big difference in a person’s life.

This year, our church will be making Thanksgiving baskets to share with our church family who need our pull. You can bring food (see the list on the bulletin board) or contribute money to fill the baskets. Let us remember last week’s sermon on the parable of Rich man and Lazarus. The rich man saw the poor man’s needs, but he was deliberately indifferent. He committed the sin of doing NOTHING. Let us do something! Let’s share the burden of hurting members in our church family during this Thanksgiving season. Let’s give them some reason to be thankful.